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Do you know what's in your CBD Oil?

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The CBD oil industry is growing at an exponential rate. There are 100s of ‘cannabis’ and ‘Hemp’ oil products available on our shelves which have become difficult to navigate. The industry is unable to educate the masses at the same rate as its growth, which is causing confusion amongst consumers.

Unfortunately, some brands are claiming that their product contains ‘’Cannabis oil’, when in fact it is Hemp Seed Oil and passing it off as CBD Oil. This is a disservice to consumers and damaging to the CBD industry. Although there is no harm in having either product, both products derive from the same plant, but are extracted from different parts of the plant and have a different chemical make up.

Knowing the difference between the oils will ensure that you are not paying CBD Oil prices for Hemp Seed Oil.

Hemp seed oil

Hemp Oil or Hemp Seed Oil is commonly sourced from the Cannabis Sativa plant seeds and sometimes called Cannabis Oil but contains zero CBD or THC (cannabinoids) . It is perfectly safe to use and great for cooking. Its  considered a superfood as it’s rich in antioxidants, omega-3 and Omega- 6 fatty acids, which are excellent for the maintenance of hair and skin.

Some brands are calling hemp seed oil cannabis sativa oil, which is although not incorrect, is misleading.


CBD Oil - Cannabidiol

CBD Oil is extracted from the stalks, flowers and leaves of the cannabis plant. CBD is one of over a hundred active compounds and cannabinoids found exclusively in the Cannabis plant. CBD Oil, often referred to as Hemp Extract. The oil is extracted using a CO2 process to ensure the Hemp oil or CBD Oil is free of harmful solvents and uses a gentle, low temperature, alcohol free extraction process that yields the purest form of Hemp oil extract or CBD Oil available.

You will see it labelled as CBD, hemp CBD, and phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil. Hence the misconceptions.

Hemp Oil and CBD Oil


Check the Label

If you are looking for a product to provide you with the unique qualities of CBD, check the label. Make sure you know what it contains, ask questions, so that you are confident in what you are buying. Always ask for and check the lab reports.

This is why at California Hemp Company we pride ourselves on testing our products throughout the manufacturing process from soil to bottle to ensure that our products are the purest on the market, of the highest quality with zero contamination- Guaranteed. Our products will always be clearly labeled so that you know exactly what you are purchasing.

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