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CBD and THC - What's the difference?

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There are a variety of known chemicals in the cannabis plant. Two of the most prominent are Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD). Both CBD and THC are known as cannabinoids. While the THC and CBD molecules look similar, the human impact is significantly different.


THC has been the most sought after cannabinoid in cannabis because of it's psychoactive effects. THC is synonymous with the feeling when using cannabis. Because of its ability to induce mind-altering effects on the user, THC has been classified as an illegal substance in the UK under the Misuse of Drugs Act.

However, CBD is known as a wellness product, and can be used without causing the psychoactive effects of THC. CBD can be found in the hemp plant, often used as a textile, and is legal and safe to use.

Cannabis is a complex plant and we are just beginning to learn the many ways cannabis compounds work to alter the way we feel. This is why the EFSA (European Food Standards Agency) regards CBD as a food supplement with no medicinal effect. There are however strict restrictions over its THC content. Currently, CBD oil in the UK can only have a maximum THC content of 0.2%.

While CBD is regarded to have no medicinal effect, there is research available to educate yourself about the latest findings. It was previously difficult for researchers to deeply study CBD and it's effects but legalisation and increased usage has brought some of the brightest minds in the world together to learn about the impacts.

What’s important is that you know you’re getting the right product, and when you use CBD you’re not unknowingly ingesting other chemicals or additives.

This is why at California Hemp Company we pride ourselves on testing our products throughout the manufacturing process from soil to bottle to ensure that our products are the purest on the market, of the highest quality with zero contamination- Guaranteed. 

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